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Fathers Day Offer

Rob Courtney

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Imagine, having a family that appreciated your talents as a father, head of security and master of discipline, properly, that they get you a droid and keg for the big day???

Bloody hell, I'd be pretty happy to be part of that family...for a smidge under $1200...well maybe $1400 with a decent amount of Brewprints...I tells ya what, that it appreciation for your efforts as a dad.

Be hard at the office the next day "Kids got me some socks and a Toblerone, what did you get?"..."Droid and Flow"


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2 hours ago, Jack Chirgwin said:

I did the wife and kids a favor and purchased a droid on their behalf 😅 on back order until September - can't wait to get stuck into it.

Good stuff, you won't regret it...if you have any questions, post them here, there is a fair amount of knowledge to tap into

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23 minutes ago, Jack Chirgwin said:

Much appreciated, have already had a skim through the forums and see you guys especially are a wealth of good advice 👍

Jack, just in case you haven’t I’ve down loaded the full droid manual so you can be up to scratch when the unit arrives.

Cheers Mark


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