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Has anyone any experience experimenting with hard cider?  Enjoyed making my first brew so much I picked up a 3 gal. stainless steel fermenter with a brew demon cider kit.  Started it about a week ago and the airlock is down to bubbling less than once a min.  I drew my first sample and the gravity is 0.98.  The smell is cidery but it tastes like a dry white wine.  Is this normal?  I going to bottle it with some sugar drops for carbonation but wish (or hope) the taste improves with age.  Otherwise, it will probably end up in my septic tank and I’ll stick with the droid.



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I'm sorry this is late.  I have been tracking down posts that I have missed and found this one.

You might want to add some Lactose sugar to your next batch of cider.  The natural sugar in your apple juice was eaten by your yeast, leaving little beyond the malic acid and other flavors from the apple juice.  Lactose sugar will not ferment with the cider yeast and will therefore leave some sweetness.  You will need to experiment to get your preferred level of sweetness.  One pound to half a pound would be typical for a 10L batch.  Happy cidering. 🙂

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