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How long should it take to pressurise?

Tim Cornish

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A new, fully carbonated keg only takes a couple seconds, if needing any at all.

As you get down and have more air / less beer it can take a while.  30 second to a minute at a guess if you have no pressure to start with.

If it's taking too long, it eventually stops anyway with an error message on the display.

If this happens you either have a dead flow, or an air leak somewhere.

To test the flow, simply take the black elbow out of the short airline inside the flow and shut the lid.  Mine runs for less than 2 seconds and stops. This is what you would expect.

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I have tried this approach but the compressor just keeps running. Wondering if there is any way to check/replace the air line or even the compressor. 
stupid question too, am I right in saying you put uncarbonated into the keg? Or do you need to carbonate as per usual.

as I said, I got it second hand and just flying blind trying to get it working

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Not a silly question....

The flow will not carbonate the beer,  all it does is squeeze the keg liner and push the beer out.  Beer carbonation is done by 'priming' the keg with  a little sugar when you put the beer in from your fermenter.  This then does a short period of secondary fermentation, generating the CO2 and pressure to carbonate the keg.

If the flow air pump is definately running all the time, even with the elbow removed, it doesnt sound good.  Make sure the big black fitting where the short hose goes though the back wall of the flow is tight, other than that you will need to speek to the Brewart tech support team.

My turn for a silly question...
It is DEFINATELY the air compressor that is running, and not the cooling compressor that you are hearing??  that can be noisy too!  easy way to tell the difference is that the cooling compressor runs whenever it needs to reduce the temperature, where as the air compressor will ONLY run with the lid closed - so does your noise stop when you open the lid??

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