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Annoyed first open droid seal falls out put back in and is too short and won't stay in then the tap won't clip in unless rubber band to hold pressure really for 700 bucks would expect better quality Chinese item not at all impressed then support says 2 days to reply

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Hi Greg and welcome to the forum.

Your issues are a little difficult to decipher due to the lack of punctuation in your post but I’ll do my best to assist you.

  • Lid seal is too short.

 - The seal only goes in one way. When you have it in the correct orientation it will fit perfectly into the slot with no gaps or kinks. You probably have it upside down so flip it over and see how you go. Someone else here may be able to provide you with a photograph of their lid and seal for reference.

  • Tap won’t stay in without a rubber band.

- Check that you have the two silicon o-rings installed on the tap spigot. They provide the water tight seal and tension to hold the tap in place. The chrome clip clasps over the top of the coresponding notch on the spout spigot. Again a photo would assist you so I’ll try to get you one this afternoon and/or someone else may be able to provide for you.

  • Customer service takes too long to respond.

- The customer service is this brewing system’s greatest attribute. Many users including myself can attest to incredible personalised customer service and solutions to a myriad of issues. Generally quickly, without fuss and often without charge.

If you are in Australia and don’t have any luck with my suggestions then you should give Brewart a call tomorrow during business hours on the following number as perhaps a chat is more appropriate in this instance.

1300 240 242



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