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Coopers Australian IPA

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Just put this in the droid today. After kegging the Midlands Pale Ale double liquid hops. Had a couple of extra H7's laying around. What the heck, more the merrier.

Back to the Coopers Australian IPA, gone with E1, 3x E5, X2, X5, Y2 DH 25g each of Vic Secret and Eclipse.

See how we go.

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Here she is boys. The Coopers Australian IPA. Kegged and bottled after 10 day fermentation. DH 25g of Vic Secret and Eclipse. Smelt and tasted awesome from the droid. Time for it to sleep for 8 weeks next to the fire place. Might crack one at 6 weeks to see how she is coming along. Time for the Shadow Hill Porter to go in.



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Ok cracked the stubby of this at just over 4 weeks. Yes it is on the young side. This going to be a ripper at 8 weeks or so. The Australian hops Vic Secret and Eclipse really starting to shine through. Of 25g of each used. This is going to be a good drop. I like.



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