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Resetting Beerdroid

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33 minutes ago, Charles said:

Hi All

i purchased a second hand beerdroid. I’m trying to set it up but it’s looking for the previous owners password. 
Anyone know how to reset it so I can start from new? 
thanks in advance 

Hi Charles, welcome to the forum.

You can't reset a Beerdroid but you should be able to reconnect it to a new wifi. If you can't you may need to touvch base with tech@brewart.com so they can take you through some other steps.

So, when you are saying it is asking for a password, are you trying to connect it to your wifi?

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Welcome Charles. The password is your internet password, I’ve attached the relevant wifi set up per the manual.

Once connected to the internet before starting a brew make sure the firmware (program) is up to date. The largest being P018. This is found in the BrewArt app under My BeerDroid.

Let us know how you go. What’s your first brew going to be?


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10 minutes ago, Charles said:

Hi @Captain 3 Droids @Rob Courtney

I find the beer droid in my wifi then select it. It asks for the beer droid password. I enter my Wifi password but is says it’s unable to conocer to the beer droid. 
i have done something wrong? 



My understanding is the BeerDroid password is the last 8 digits of the serial number including the hyphen (-)

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