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E2 Cd3 Wifi Connection Issues

Danny Kelb

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Hi all, my new droid arrived yesterday and unfortunately will not configure/connect to WIFI (Im getting the above error codes).  The user manual indicates an "Authentication Failure'.  Has anyone had any experience with this/know how to fix?

When trying to connect to Beer droid Wifi network I get a 'Weak Security" message in phone settings.

I have registered droid and tried moving closer to modem and have also turned droid off and reset modem etc to no avail.

Any assistance would be appreciated.



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Thanks again Captain.  Have changed the security settings on my router to WPA2/WPA3 to no avail.  Liam now recommends trying to connect via WPS.  Wasnt sure if my router had this option but after googling found out it does so will give it a try.

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