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Hi Everyone

I have just received my Beerdroid after waiting 3/4 months, but it looks like it was worth it.

My first brew is a Coopers Vintage Stout, I remember when this was sold by Coopers in stubbies and it was a beautiful stout, very smooth and velvety.

I loaded the BD to the Std 10 litres and kicked off the brew with the app....it was so easy.

When I came to clearing up my brew prints box of packaging I noticed there was a slip from Coopers telling me to fill to 9 litres (not 10) due to the strength in alcohol.

Any one else done this?

The only issue I would for see would be a slightly weaker stout maybe 6 to 6.5% and not so full flavour.


Regards ..Gilly


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Hi Mark 

Welcome to the forum. Plenty of knowledgeable people here if you need to ask questions. As for the 9lt fill it is more around the vigorous fermentation , just gives a little more head space. Have you got a plastic bag attached to the side of the droid where the vent is?. This will probably over flow from the vent. Makes clean up alot easier.IMG_20210628_160016949.thumb.jpg.296f37f8f9920578a3372f47c3b630b1.jpg

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