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Hi team,


bit bemused on this one, I just decided to open a bottle of the last Coopers ROTM the “Hop Art” IPA.


considering this is only 4 weeks of secondary, any thoughts why this has gone so dark? My assumption is oxidisation?


Looked beautiful in colour when bottling and has been in the same conditions as all my others which haven’t had issues unless I left them for far too long 86C7D097-28A3-4375-B094-113AF81EF600.thumb.jpeg.c15fd163867178036273b868c5948cea.jpeg6AC9968E-33AD-4859-84C4-06B4ACCFD8AB.thumb.jpeg.063f45fe68f6b94c99d6801312f3ef0d.jpeg

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20 minutes ago, Captain 3 Droids said:

Mmmm could be the problem. Carbonation looked ok so may be the batch? Need to test a few bottles.

Yeah carbonation was great, just no smell no nothing and so dark in comparison, nothing changed in my procedure for secondary, just disappointed and confused about how it happened 

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