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Temperature Error E1


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So it looks like my droid isn't able to keep the beer cold any more. Keep getting E1 and it sounds pretty sick when it tries to chill down. The unit arrived in June.


Is there any fix available that doesn't involve shipping the unit back to Coopers?

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Hi @BrewArt Team,

I am 6 days into using my droid and I have run into the (E1) temperature error twice now in the last few hours. My droid is filled past the 10L, I have tried powering off and powering on the device and to no avail.

Interestingly, I do hear the droid running pretty constantly but the temperature has stayed at 64.6 F almost entirely since the first error occurred.

Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated!


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Just woke up and the droid sent a push notification a few hours ago saying it was done fermenting and it would let me know when it’s ready to keg. Exactly an hour after that, I received another notification with another temperature error. The temp has risen to 67.3F. I acknowledged the error again and will just let it sit for a while.



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