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IBU numbers for Elements packs


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I have been trying to figure out each of the bitterness qualities for each of the E packets and I think I have it pretty close.  There are only 3 brewprints which do not match the IBU calculations used below, they are the Polski, TCESVA, and midlands.  The rest all add up.

IBUs contributed from each packet according to my calculations are:

E1 6

E2 9

E3 12

E4 15

E5 12

The polski and TCESVA both mention you need to use 9L of water instead of 10L so maybe that has something to do with the difference.  I don't know about the midlands one though... it's way out.

Let me know what you think or if I missed anything.  I think if the above numbers are mostly reliable then creating more customised brewprints should be pretty straightforward.

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Yeah that's the same numbers I got for the bitterness of the elements as well.

I was surprised at how mathematical it was when adding up the bitterness of the elements to get the total bitterness of the beer.

I also tried to work out how much each ingredient contributes to the colour of the beer but this seems a bit more difficult as there ares so many factors which effect the colour of the beer.

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Its a good way to spend a lunch break at work!  The colour is harder but these EBC's will at least get you close, again except for the TCESVA and Midlands, something odd here.  Then the Irish red and Special old stout calcs are also very slightly out, the rest are less than 1 EBC difference to what is advertised on the brewprints.  I wonder if Brewart would be willing to reveal their numbers for this... 

E1 2.75

E2 7.25

E3 23.25

E4 56.75

E5 2.666666666666667

X1 1.833333333333333

X2 2.193333333333333

X3 11.08333333333333

X4 51.25

X5 0.1 (I had initially thought that X5 wouldn't contribute anything to the colour, but looks like it has a very minor impact after all.)

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That's nice work Banjo, would be good if they were whole numbers which make it easier to calculate.

I was thinking that the yeast and hops might also contribute to the colour.

At least that is something to work with if you want to be able to replicate a beer with using custom ingredients.

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