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Complete Manual for BrewFlo V2


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@BrewArt Team: The quick start V2 BrewFlo manual is, indeed, helpful.  However, it seems to miss a few details:  for example, none of your excellent videos show how to change from the default Celsius temperature display to Fahrenheit.  I found out how to do that from your forum by a volunteer who had a complete copy of the manual and posted a copy of the relevant page; this instruction was to "hold down the up arrow on the control panel for a few seconds" and the temperature format would toggle between Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Could I please have a complete copy of the manual for the V2 BrewFlo?

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We don't have an updated copy of the v2 Owners Manual at this point, we're currently working our way through the original manual updating all the features. The original version is here: https://brewart.com/101/wp-content/uploads/BrewArt-BrewFlo-Instruction-Manual-US.pdf but this is the v1. It has most of the information you'll need but we've obviously made some improvements with the v2, 
we'll update our 101 page with the full owners manual once it is completed. 

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On 07/08/2023 at 7:14 PM, BrewArt Team said:

We'll update our 101 pages with the full owner's manual once it is completed. 

Thanks!  I know that I am old-fashioned, but I like complete applicable documentation in printed form.  The videos are very good, and I have learned much from watching them.  I keep wondering what other esoteric controls may be lurking in the complete manual: Holding down the up arrow for several seconds to toggle the temperature display format?  Obvious, of course.  Why did I not intuit that immediately?

I appreciate all that you do, and I look forward to the new full owner's manual when it is completed.


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