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O-rings for BrewFlo Kegs

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@BrewArt Team,

Please consider offering a package of O-rings suitable for a complete V2 BrewFlo keg for sale on your web site.  An alternative would be to provide a chart of the O-ring specifications so they could be ordered from general sources.  The first option would be greatly preferable.

Imagine the frustration resulting from loss or damage to one or two of those O-rings preventing the use of a BrewFlo keg.  I realize and appreciate that you have been prompt and generous to requests to replace damaged or lost parts, but I would like to sustain back-up supplies and parts.

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8 hours ago, BrewArt Team said:

Hey @Thagomizer

Thanks for your feedback, we are currently working on offering spare parts on the online store and that does include o-rings. We'll notify BrewArtists here and via email once spare parts are avaialble to purchase. 

Spare parts section would be great, get me off Amazon for starters :)

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