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iOS 17

Andy Simma

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@Andy Simma,

Welcome to the forum.

I only have iOS 16.7, which still works with the BrewArt app.  I suggest contacting BrewArt support for specific data on iOS 17.  I would be surprised if there were a problem with the new iOS and BrewArt.

Having said that, there can be glitches with routers and snags in setting up the Wi-Fi connection.  Usually, WPS works.  If the instructions in the set-up guide do not get you through a successful connection, definitely contact BrewArt support.

We look forward to having you on the forum.

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6 hours ago, Andy Simma said:

Can anyone confirm app still works with iOS 17?

G 'Day Andy,

Our initial testing shows that the BrewArt App is working as expected with the new iOS 17. Are you having any issues at all?

If so, please let us know either via DM or by emailing tech@brewart.com and we'll investigate it further.

Cheers, and happy brewing!

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I have had none of these issues.  Both of my droid's firmware are on version PO18 and my iPhone is on iOS 16.7.2.  (Only one droid is active currently.)

Your Black Eye Bock's report of 738897 days and 23 hrs suggests a problem with your droid's firmware.  I would suggest passing this up to BrewArt.

I hope you get a resolution to this soon.  😒

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G 'Day @Andy Simma,

This is a very strange one! We have checked your brewing data on the server and everything looks normal. We have then moved your brew to a test account running iOS 17.1.2 then we updated to iOS17.2.1 and tested it then. Everything looked normal on both iOS versions. 

Can you please check your clock settings on your phone? Go to Settings > General > Date & Time > Set Automatically. 

If this is all normal I'm going to suggest you turn your phone Off and On again 😀

Please let us know what you find. Feel free to Direct Message me so we don't clog up this thread with back and forth. 


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