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Brekkie Sessie

Andy Simma

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13 hours ago, Andy Simma said:

Inspired by pineapple crush IPA I’m planning a breakfast juice session ale. 

E5 E5 E5 X5 Y1 D5 D8

1Litre Breakfast juice 

Thinking maybe Y2 would be better but don’t have that on hand.   



Agree with @Steve Gyldenvand and this sounds like fun, a hybrid beer.

First thing that comes to mind is to make sure that whatever breakfast juice you use, that it contains no preservatives. Also by adding the juice into the Droid, the sugars contained within that juice will add to the overall alcohol content of the beer. So if you are aiming at say 4-5% ABV, check out the sugar content of the juice as you might be going over (but is that really a bad thing ;) ).

A good example, when I make a Hard Selzter, I sometimes use fruit juice and the H2 Juice Berry Mix 1.25L available at Wollies with 130g of sugar added 0.5% to the final product according to Brewfather, the app I use for all my beers and seltzers.

Second is that in term of hops, you might want to go with Citra - D6, either instead of Amarillo - D5 or as well as. Personally, I find Amarillo, can add a little too much of a herbaceous touch to a beer. I use it very sparingly when I do. Citra on the other hand is a juice bomb, with very strong citrus character.

Lastly, depending on time, I would go with something like the Lallemand LalBrew Verdant IPA yeast. This will enhance those orange/citrus and tropical flavours from the breakfast juice and hops. These are available at almost all home brew stores (HBS's) or online to order.

Good luck and please share with us the full experience.

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5 hours ago, Andy Simma said:

Yes just added 1L juice and 9L water before adding yeast

I'm going to have to give this one a go. A local guy makes a Grapefruit IPA and it is the balls, if he wasn't such a Wimage.png.e54cb0308f1c0ddc3e8590240b7bbaf9.png




I'd buy it off him more...but he is, so I won't.  Yours sounds like a plan so 3 E5s and an X2? and then dealers choice with the yeast?


Also guessing this drinks well between 4-6 weeks given the hops choice

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4 hours ago, Andy Simma said:

Was good at 2 drank great from 4 weeks all will be gone by 8.  

Thinking of going to Y2 next time to up the fruit esters. May even up the Amarillo to 20-25g.

To many brews to make not enough time. 


Reckon @BrewArt Team should organise Tshirts with that

Place order over $300, get the T-shirt

Obviously it wouldn't sell as quickly as the T-shirt with "I love drinking Robs Golden Balls" being free with the order

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