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Error: fermentation start not detected -> 4 days after fermenting started?

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First Brew = Sparkling Ale.  Brew started 19 Dec 2017.  Entered propagation zone.  12 hours later entered Fermentation Zone. 3 1/2 days later = Error: fermentation start not detected.

Everything about this brew appears to have gone really well ... except for the notifications above.

After 6 1/2 days the fermentation activity (bubbling / bubbles) has quietened and almost ceased.  I'm thinking that no bubbles indicates fermentation has finished.  So I'm thinking ... give it 48 hours and keg :-) 

However,  the error messages are a concern, given that I have spent most of the last 2 days searching the "beer-web" for answers to what has caused me to get the error messages - which appear to contradict my observations of a very healthy fermentation.  Does anyone know what has caused the notifications please? Is there a hope that I will still get the End of Fermentation notification?

After all my research - I now have a much greater appreciation of just how much development has gone into the Beer Droid.  It is a really clever piece of gear.  I'm looking forward to many more excellent brews and all the possibilities that are made possible by this machine. (After quite a few fails with the DIY kits in our WA 35 - 40 degree summers).

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Thanks Dean, I contracted Brewart this morning and they were able to confirm that my yeast had been very sluggish, but was now fermenting - with an expected End of Fermentation tomorrow. "Yay"! Best remote customer support I have ever experienced.

Since I acquired the brewprint as part of a Gumtree purchase ... it appears that the yeast may have been stored in a warm location - not the fridge - and it's viability had suffered as a result.

So one end of the cheese tray in the fridge is now be the official yeast storage area. ☺?

Thank you Dean and Brewart.

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