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Keg Carbonation


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Hi brewers,

I have completed two Brewprint brews and my first two kegs are two days away from the 14 day carbonation period.

What I have observed is that the liner in one keg seems tight if that is the word to describe it, while the other one seems to be loose of floppy like it is low on carbonation.

Is there any test or procedure I could do to check that if in fact it is carbonated or find if it is leaking somewhere??

I am nervously waiting to serve my first droid beer from my brewflow..


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That’s not unusual, I’ve had that happen on kegs , you might of got a bit more in the first keg you filled & a bit less in the second. I’ve never had a keg that wasn’t carbed, only ever had issues with being too heady when pouring, hopefully the new liners will fix that. Only real way to check is connect to the Flo & find out. 

Are you 100% sure you put the primer in both kegs ? 

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Thanks Dean

I have since connected the first keg and it pours ok except for being a bit heady on the first pour.

i am using the old liners so from all reports this is normal.

What  I did on the second keg was I loosened the big threaded collar about one eighth of a turn and the liner filled out instantly.

I spoke to Liam and he said that I should not have done that but he said it should not make any difference.

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