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pouring just foam beer????

Fraser Daly

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Hi Fraser,

Are you using the New Keg Spear Packs? They are supposed to stop foam from a restricted Dip Strip, If you are using the Keg Spear Pack then it can really only be 2 things:

1) Temperature - Ensure that your keg is completely chilled by leaving it in the fridge or BrewFlo for 24 hours prior to pouring a beer. 

2) Over Carbonation - This can be caused by: a) too much priming sugar, b) beer still fermenting in keg, c) contamination of a wild yeast or bacteria

If it is Over Carbonated you can most likely release some pressure from the keg over a couple of days by chilling the keg in the fridge, then slowly undoing the black valve until all pressure is released, then undo the orange valve slowly (outside because of mess) repeat this process over a few days and this should release excess CO2.

If all else fails contact BrewArt and see if they can help

Good Luck 

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