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Lemongrass Lager


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Lemongrass Lager



1 x Aztec Cerveza Brewprint

12 x Stalks of Lemongrass or

12 x Drops of Lemongrass Essential Oil (Cooking Grade)

500ml Water



1) Set Brewdroid up for Aztec Cervesa and Brew as per Brewprint instructions

2) Once Brewdroid has reached End of Fermentation notification set Brewdroid to Store mode at 3° celsius for 24 to 48 hours.

3) Sanitise a Pot and all associated equipment with a non rinse sanitiser such as Star San.

4) Bring 500ml water to light simmer.

5) Trim and Bruise 12 stalks of Lemongrass.

6) Simmer Lemongrass in the 500ml water for 30 mins.

7) Strain liquid and refrigerate covered until Aztec Cervesa has reached the end of 48 hours under "Store" mode.

8) Add Lemongrass Liquid to Brewdroid and Keg or Bottle as per usual Brewdroid practises.



If available Lemongrass Essential Oil can be replaced with the Lemongrass Liquid solution. The Essential Oil must be cooking grade and can be added directly to the Brewdroid prior to Kegging/Bottling. I've used Young Living Essential Oil in this recipe with great success. No more than 12 drops per 10l Keg.

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