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BeerDroid and BrewFlo for sale in Victoria

Troy Nutley

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BeerDroid and BrewFlo for sale (18 mths old) $900 for the lot

I regrettably don't have the time anymore to run the brews anymore. Changed family circumstances. I brewed two pale ales that both turned out really well. Prefer to sell as a package but for the right offer I'll split the items. Can freight domestically but the postage isn't included in the purchase price.  Otherwise, pickup in North Coburg.

All items:

- 1 x BeerDroid with damaged spigot 
- 1 x BrewFlow plus drip tray
- 1 x brew print for US pale ale (sachets: 2 x E5, 1 x E2, 2 x X1, 2 x H1, 2 x P, 1 x Y1)
- 1 x kegging kit (2 x 5L kegs stands, 2 x keg liners, 1 x draining line, 1 x draining cap, 2 x elbows, 5 x sanitiser tabs)





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