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New Droid not connecting

Stephen Martin

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Hi All,

Received my first droid last week but have not been able to start.

The seal on the tap fitting was split so waiting on a replacement.

Also having issues with the droid connecting to the server via my home WiFi. I can connect if I hotspot my phone that way but my Telstra modem will not connect to the server (WiFi is OK)

Anyone else have this issue?

Support have been helpful but no resolution as yet.




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I had issues with it connecting then dropping out after a few brews. I got to the stage of giving it away ( the app). Once every couple of months, I'll spend the time to connect the droid just to see if I need to update anything and then don't bother.

As far as helping you and not whinging though, you need the units to be close to the router, if it is a millimetre to far away, you've no chance :)

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