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Couldn't think of a better place for this question, hope this area is ok.
Beer clearing question:
Three years ago I gave up a lot of my favorite beers because they caused me crippling gout about 3 times yearly due to all the yeast in bottle conditioned beer.  Since switching to 'mostly' non bottle conditioned filtered beers I haven't suffered in three years now!

So i wonder, should I add gelatin to my secondary keg while aging at about 34 degrees F, for 2-3 weeks, then run through filtering system into another keg for additional aging, forced co2 carbonation, then finally dispensing from this third keg?  Sounds like a small pain to do,  but better getting rid of most yeast in order to help eliminate even more pain from possible gout!  I'll need to have plenty of kegs around but nothing ever seems easy here these days!  Ah well, more time and expense but I'm not a quitter!  I still drink maybe two or three bottle conditioned beers (really murky) each month, mainly Adventinus wheat dopplebock, I do think these apple cider vinegar tablets i take each day help keep the gout away from me.  Cheers!

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Gout, not good to have. As I’ve never used gelatin I’m not sure how long it would take to work for a 10l brew? I was thinking when when fermentation in the droid was complete could you add it then and let it sit for the two days of the “ready to keg” mode? If it wasn’t complete would it hurt to fill the kegs then just let them sit, carbonate before ready to use?

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That's sure something to think about!  Clearing the larger particles and proteins would be good before going to first keg.  I'm thinking that doing this, then cold storing the keg for the aging would do well.  Still I think I may then run it through a filtration system to fresh keg and store again while the co2 tank does it's job carbonating.  This will probably set each batch back another 7-10 days though, I can live with that.  A bit paranoid about on added oxidation, c02 purging will be my friend hopefully.  Thanks for suggestions, at least i do have plenty of time to figure it all out, ha ha! Cheers!

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