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Early this week on a whim while conjuring up future recipe clones for the bewdroid, and sipping high abv brew... I realized I had never made a mead or melomel under 17% abv!  I've had several homebrew semi-sweet meads around 8 - 11 % and enjoyed them, so why had I never made one?  (scratching head). Tuesday I got the supplies, 6.5 lbs clover honey, 3 gallons spring water, Lalvin D-47 yeast.  Threw jt along with some nutrients for the yeast into my 3.5 gallon better bottle fermenter.  I'd bet the droid could do up a nice mead, keeping the temps controlled!  I'm sure some of you have done cider with a droid?  But man, mead is like waiting for a dopplebock to condition, 3 months at very minimum, imo.  A tough wait but worth it.

Anyway, while waiting on funds to get my droid, I'll continue to work on clones using mostly brewprints along with a few simple additions like specialty grain steepings.  Added flavor and body via grain steeping is simple, and only about 30 minutes added to your brewday with great results.  I have a long wait on this mead, hmmmm... may try dry hopping half the batch!  Prost!  

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I actually tried one of the green apple ciders from the store this week, yuk!  And even though I can't stand budwiser, was surprised that their fake margaritas in a can aren't too bad.  bump it up with a bit of fresh lime juice and extra tequila it's pretty good, but mainly I'm  beer drinker!

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the mead is bubbling along nicely, wish I'd had started it much sooner, this one is probably going to be a few months! What the hell, I have some extra honey, may start a honey porter.  Thinking of years past when perfectly happy doing up a simple pale ale!  But I do like to experiment, sometimes too much.  hobbies!

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