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What is this ???

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8 minutes ago, Paul84 said:

Nope no thread and in a brewart box . I have 2 of them arrive . I just cant see what they are for . I bought more brewprints , bottles , a keg kit and a few other niceties ( sanitiser, carbonation drops etc) . So i am stumped as well 

The penny drops. I believe it sits in the keg before the cap goes on as it’s the “spear” for drawing the beer up to the Beerflo tap.

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8 minutes ago, Paul84 said:

Hmmm this is a new concept for me . So they go between the keg liner connector and the valve top ? . All my gear was previously second hand so might be they were lost in the post lol 

Looking at the keg assembly videos I now don’t think this is what is for? So still looking? Rob when he gets on here my know. Sorry about that.

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