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Jason Tomlinson

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39 minutes ago, Rob Courtney said:

German Weisbeer would be the closest but it is still a way off Blue Moon. If you want to make that one contact Liam at Brewart and he can take you through a step by step instruction info@brewart.com, or @Barrelboy may know how to get the flavours right for it

A Blue Moon clone starts to get a bit complex with flaked oats, dried orange peel, yeast selection etc. You really need to do a partial brew in the bag but I’m no authority on this style.

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4 hours ago, Jason Tomlinson said:

Which brewprint would be most similar to Blue Moon?

Hi Jason, Mark here. I’ve commented above in response to Rob but I found this on utube. Now I haven’t watch it so not sure if it will help you. Always remember, any wort can be used in the droid. Let’s us know how you go, good forum this with helpful people.


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7 minutes ago, Jason Tomlinson said:

Yes, it was very informative, thanks for finding it. I was hoping to "doctor up" a brewprint to be similar to Blue Moon. I'm not an experienced brew (yet), so the video is a little intimidating for me right now to try.

Understand fully. Keep the forum informed if you would, we like to help each other out, banter a bit and just pass on info and opinions. Sorry couldn’t help further with the clone.

Cheers Mark

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