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Forgot to put the spring & black poppet

Dale Deamer

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3 hours ago, Dale Deamer said:

Hi, what happens when you forget to put the spring & poppet into the black valve when you keg your beer.Is there any way i can save the beer ?

Short answer no.


Are you definite that it isn't in there and it is another spring that you found, there is little point opening up the black valve as that will release all the carbonation. In saying that, I think with out the spring and poppet in it, it will not pressurise correctly either when you connect it to the Brewflo. If it makes you feel any better, I did do something similar and I lost a lot of beer from the keg when I opened and put spring in, redid it up and stuck it in the Brewflo ( lost maybe 2 litres). If you open the valve, do it over a sink, it will get messy.

If you can, put the keg into the fridge, cool it down first that way, then release the valve. You will lose a proportion of your beer, no 2 ways around it, then you can stick it into the flo connect it and drink immediately The good news is you never do this twice, you will be double/triple checking from now on

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This happened to me two brews back.  For anyone curious about what happens, it starts spurting beer out the poppet hole.  Good thing I checked.   there was some leakage into the top of the keg and i thought it was a goner.  I was able to slowly and gently disassemble the keg top and replace poppet.   i thought it was a write off but kept everything sterile, and let it condition for two weeks.  It actually worked out fine.

Lesson: a checklist isn't a bad idea; don't multi-task or let yourself get distracted.   lots of bits and bobs to remember.  🙂

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