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Dry Hop keg and Bottling Filter

Alan Batchelor

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Hi All

In the US we just received notification of new brewprints with Dry hops and two new pieces of equipment, Dry Hop keg and Dry Hop Bottling adaptor.

Reading the information I an unsure how these work. This is what I am thinking and please correct me if I am wrong.

Dry hoping is done with loose hops, no bags or hop bombs or hop teas.

1) Dry hop Filter is for Kegging.

2) Dry hop Bottling filter is for bottling.

Or maybe for bottling I need both 1 & 2.

I have dry hopped most of my beers in a Muslin bag. I have been thinking of a hop bomb or using a muslin bag with marbles to weigh it down. Right now it floats and might not be getting the best from the hops.

If the filters work like I think, just dumping directly to the brew seems a great idea, they will dissolve and probably sink to the bottom and all the goodness will be pulled from the hops. 

Is my assumption correct or do you read something different?

Love to hear what you think.


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Hi Alan,

Hops straight into the droid and then filtered at keg/bottling time via the external filter.

You’ll need the bottling adaptor In addition to the filter if you wish to bottle.

There is a new video in the 101 section that explains the process.

I have been using the stainless steel hop bombs but find that this can complicate kegging a little as the brew is displaced by the added weight of the bomb and the filling mark on the sight window is then out a bit.

The new Brewprints look great and I’m keen to try them.


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