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model z, pro, s ,c

Shawn McKee

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I recently asked coopers brewing if they knew about a company called picobrew.

My response was no ,but yet they directly sell against them.

This company was a kickstarter company that had high hopes and vision but not the  management to drive the company in the right.

Please look at picobrew.com

These machines are made for biag system, but cheap.

Unfortunatly postage to Australia can be expensive.

I do have a spare if interested?

Contact me here on the forum.

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Paul, I agree the Pico was wonderful at boiling a good wort but basically left fermentation to a manual/guess work solution. I think fresh wort and transferring to the Driod would be fantastic. But another issue is pico c only creates 5l and it was around $25 USD. So for a full Driod would be expensive. But that said bet it would be a fantastic beer 🤪



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