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What to do with primer?


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Hey guys

As I sit staring at my droid sight glass watching the fizzy show of my first brew (as my wife plans a family intervention), got to thinking about up coming kegging.  Based on my reading here, going with the ikegger system and CO2 carbonation.  Already received my equipment from Europe.

Am I correct that no addition of sugar primer is necessary to the keg if Going the CO2 injection route?   If so, is there anything useful to do with the primer pouches from the brew kits?  Please try to resist my opening for a laugh.  I’m going to accumulate a lot of them.


thanks again and all is well 2 days into my first batch.  Ingredients have mixed in the fizz as everyone assured me


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That's correct, do not add the primer if you are going to force carbonate your kegs.

You could add the surplus primer in with the dry ingredients for a minor bump in ABV.

The novelty of peering through the window will wear off gradually, hopefully you will avoid an intervention.


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