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Sanitising of kegging equipment using Starsan

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21 hours ago, Glen Rycroft said:

Apologies if this has been answered previously.  Is anyone also using their mixed Starsan solution to also sanitise their kegging equipment, and if so what is the process they are following?



Hi Glen,

             I use a sanatising spray (pretty much Starsan, just the local brewshop guys version. So I have that made up in a spray bottle, once i have finished kegging, I'll sanatise the droid with some sod percarbonate powder in the water ( letting the droid sit for an hour...or three if I start drinking and forget, When draining that I will attach the connecting tube and let the water run through it ( hang it upside down to drain.)

When I am kegging, I will lay all the equipment out on a tea towel and give it a good spray, I will take the connecting tube and spray enough inside that I can roll it through, touch all parts, I take apart all of the orange and black spigots and give it a good spray as well as all the connecting equipment. I will then let it air dry. When I am cleaning an empty keg, I will give all the bits and pieces a wash, let it air dry and then a quick spray and air dry before packing away.

It is probably overkill but I have never had an infected brew (touch wood) and I followed this method from someone else who said it was probably overkill. It costs bugger all to do except time


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