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BeerDroid Capacities

Erik Denkers

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So, I guess we know that BrewPrints will make 10 liters of beer. 

Many of the extract and other beer kits sold in the USA are in gallons and not liters. 

1 gallon = 3.78 liters
2 gallons = 7.57 liters
3 gallons = 11.35 liters

So, if using custom ingredients to make beer in the droid, what is the smallest amount of liquid or wort that you can make in the droid?  What would be the maximum amount? 

*Note that I have already done 12 liters without a problem.

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I have used cans before to make 12 litres and I guess it would depend of the type of beer you were making and how vigorous fermentation was to how much you could fit in. My worry with the how little question is when I was bottling a brew one time, I had it half emptied when I stopped to help the kids with something and when I came back, the brew was in the mid 20s (about 77F), so I'm not sure if it can maintain a constant temp with less liquid..

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