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New Keg Pack - Late 2020 Version

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Hi everyone

I've been a long time user of the BrewArt system.  I’m an Aussie based in the US.  I think I may have been first in the US to own this (before it was available in retail) - have owned my system for maybe 4+ years.  About the only way I can get Aussie style beer here.

Results for me have generally been pretty good.  Had a failure a couple of years ago - but I’ve upped my sanitizing game since then. Sometimes I’ve had mechanical issues (burst liners etc).  But generally been pretty happy.

Anyway - I’m writing this because I just used a brand new kegging pack (replaced an old one in the rotation as the seals were getting a little used).  When I first started using the system, there were no keg spears - and I’ve got to say they were a big design improvement (prior to that there was far too much frothy head).  However, in this new keg pack - the kegs are slightly shorter.  The result is that’s it’s impossible to insert the spear and screw down the metal ring on the keg - as the cap won’t sit flush with the keg because the spear is too long.  Note I am using the spears that came with the new kegs (so if I’m meant to use a shorter spear it wasn’t the one in the pack).  This seems a deliberate design change.  Note - also the kegs now have their own feet - which obviates the need for separate plastic stands (big tuck there - although without check I hope they still fit in my beer flow).

Anyway, I’ve completed my kegging without the spears and I’m going to let it settle for a few weeks, and hope that it all works and there’s no repeat of the over frothy beer.

But I’m wondering if anyone else has experienced this, and whether the new keg design works without the spear.

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