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Temperature Control error E1

Robert Pretty

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Tonight just started the Pirate Life IPA. 2hours into propergation , I get a temperature control error. Go to FAQ's which says to check water level is not lower than 10lt mark. Which it wasn't. Reset by pressing tick. Hour later did the same thing. Reset again. It says to contact Brewart. Liam will be sick of hearing from me. Had a few issues lately a Brewflo replaced with faulty compressor, two blown beer lines and a faulty liner. Anyone had this problem.


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Hi Robert,

I had this error very briefly on one of my Droids a couple of weeks ago. It resolved itself after I powered the unit off and back on again (that old trick). Could be worth a try if you haven’t already.

I think I had knocked the unit slightly as I removed the foam wedge I use to prop it up whilst cleaning and perhaps I upset the compressor piston.

As for contacting Liam too often; you’d hardly be the first. I’m guilty too and his customer service and manner has been exemplary each and every time. Nothing is ever too difficult for him. Give him a chance to sort it out for you.

I’ll hazard a guess that the Brewart Team would much rather you contact them “too often” and remain a satisfied customer than risk you being unhappy and having a negative influence on current or future customers when the problem is likely easily solved.


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