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Patty    24

G'day guys,

I've got a old crown 12 gallon copper washtub, I'm wanting to make ginger beer in it, would it be alright to brew in it, or would i need to like it.

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Just completed primary fermentation on a ginger beer, selected a Morgans (makes 20l so just halved the ingredients) but used Y9 yeast (cos I like it..) fermented for 13 days at 12C (didn't have a hydrometer so monitored the bubble action) when bubbles stopped gave it another day. Just hope it doesn't blow!! used the standard 1 pack of sucrose will give it 4 weeks in secondary.  Also used Dextrose in the primary should be about 3.5% alcohol.

Tasted after primary and it gave me a big smile, tasted great

Note the Droid doesn't detect fermentation so I used it as a temperature controlled vessel.

Will let you know how it goes




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Beard Droid    29

G'day Peter

Thats looks great, thanks for sharing I love ginger beer.

I'm surprised that the BeerDroid didn't detect fermentation though, if it ferments then it should detect it. was your yeast stored in the fridge?

please keep us posted on the progress of it, ?


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