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Beware, hop recommended substitutes are not always a level playing field. On many occasions the hops such as Galaxy, Mosaic, Citra, Amarillo are recommended as substitutes for particular hops as they can tend to fit the profile and are common stock with many a brewer.

There is nothing wrong with this however in achieving the desired hop outcome the substitute hop may have to be increased or decreased in the amount for a better match. Alternatively searching can find better substitutes. (I appreciate you can’t have ever hop that exists however sometimes it pays to check your current stock, you could be surprised).


Ahtanum recommended substitute is generally Amarillo. Looking at the graph profile the match is fairly close but I’d say you would need more grams to achieve the desired outcome.


Now look at the substitute Horizon, near perfect


The moral of the story is check what you have in stock you may find some interesting alternatives. Of recent times I’ve found success with Idaho 7, Huell Melon, Nelson Sauvin, magnum, Sabro, Green Bullet…..

Something to think about?

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I have to admit I love the experimentation with dry hopping, the substitutions and in particular hop combinations. I was looking at the Styrian Golding hops I have and have not used for a long time (English Bitter I think). Anyway it is quite suitable for a variety of styles, English Ales, your European Lagers & Ales. 

So as an example my next brew is going to be the Neder Lager which calls for Hallertau so I will do 20g of that and 20g of the Styrian Golding. 

So I thought what about a “hop Combination” thread where we simply state for example “Neder Lager which calls for Hallertau so I will do 20g of that and 20g of the Styrian Golding.” The outcome of which can be reported in the Neder Lager thread.

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