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Half Keg, bottle the rest.


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Yes, using BrewArt ingredients.

All of the hops? Normally it's one satchel beer keg, so I'm being cautious at one in the remaining brew.

Im assuming that I keep the primer out as there are carbonation drops to be put into the bottles. As a newbie to all this I have to ask if this is correct?

Ive done the keg and inserted hops. When the Droid was open there was a large amount of "sludge" on the shelf of the internal Droid. I might try and get a pic later.

The Droid has now sent me a message saying it's not able to maintain temperature, so I've put it into storage mode and will slip it into keg mode tomorrow morning in the hope of bottling after work.

All new to me so apologies if I appear absolutely stupid.

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I can't edit the previous post. But I see I made a mistake with my hop assesment.

Of course after kegging a half of the brew I only have one sachet left.

Re-reading your post Damian I assume you wanted the hops into the full 10 litres then keg and bottle.

Sounds like a better process than what I'm doing.

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