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Lighthouse Pacific Pale LAGER


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Just kegged and bottled an experiment. I really liked the Lighthouse Pacific Pale Ale, even though it was a low on ABV for my taste. 

So I had a situation where I was going on holidays for a couple weeks and wanted a brew to run while I was away. Since lagers have taken me around 12 days to complete, I hatched a cunning plan.

So I did the following:

2x E5

2x X2

500g Dextrose - to boost ABV



Ferment at 11 degrees (instead of 12)

The dextrose was what you can buy in the bag from Big W. I just dumped it in on top with the other ingredients. All seems to have turned out well. 15 days for fermentation and I cold crashed for a few days.

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Ok the results are in....

The brew was a success and after a glass, I can certainly notice the increase in ABV over the original recipe. It tastes like a lager with low bitterness and floral notes, as opposed to fruity. I have brewed better tasting beers.

It may appeal to someone else's pallet, particularly those who prefer lagers over ales, though I have no preference for one or the other. 

For my taste I think this particular lager yeast did not marry very well with the hops. The original ale yeast was a far better pairing. 

This may improve with age and I will revisit this page if my assessment changes.

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55 minutes ago, David Stephens said:

I notice that you added dextrose with the ferment ingredients, did this carbonste during fermentation and/or fid you add dextrose/carbonation drops prior to bottling?

Hi David, Dextrose is just a simple sugar for yeast to consume. It boosts ABV without imparting to much in the way of taste. (just be careful not to add too much as it can really dry out your beer, stripping your beer of mouthfeel) 

you should always still use carbonation drops/primer, as this causes carbonation once the beer is in an airtight vessel (like a bottle or keg).... I hope that makes sense ?

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