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Ruby porter infected?

Gavin Condon

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I'm trying to work out if there are some white floaties in that 'droid (some kind of mould?) or it's just a trick of the light.

I've made a few ruby porters:  I've never had white bits.  There is yeasty sediment that will fall to the bottom of the glass.

My RP's have always benefited from way more secondary fermentation than Brewart suggest: 6 weeks seems good.  Having said that, an RP that hasn't been in secondary long enough has (in my experience) a little yeasty or sweetish flavour: nothing sulphur.

RP has (as you have observed) volcanic fermentation, literally "hitting the roof" of the fermenter.  Is it possible that you had some muck up under the rubber seal and it's gotten back into your beer?

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I wouldn't be too worried about how it looks, to me it just looks like foam (remaining krausen) and not an infection.

The taste will always be a little different when pulling a sample prior to bottling/kegging because the yeast and lack of carbonation and conditioning. +1 on DCM's comment about 6 weeks secondary.

The flavours to look out for would be Citric Acid, Vinegar, Sour flavours, if you have them its a tell tail sign of infection. 

Sulphur flavours/aromas natually occur during fermentation and can be scrubbed by the yeast after a  bit of time in secondary. 

give it some time and enjoy ?

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