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Droid Bung

Craig Brown

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Sigh, mine is doing it too...  First time I used the 'droid in a few months.  I'm on tap #4 but to date, the bung had been well behaved until now...

It's a fairly slow leak so the brew is still going with a paper "beer nappy" under the 'droid.  After 14 days, I've probably only lost half a cup or so.

It's been suggested to me that coating these with olive oil might actually be doing more harm than good.

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Yes, well after Brewart sent me a new tap and bung which got caught up in Christmas post, yesterday I thought I'd put my second brew onto 'droid #2 but filled it with water first to test it and then sanitise.

It turns out that regardless of whether the bung was the problem (it had indeed developed a small crack), there's a bigger leak problem.  There is a hairline crack in the spigot of the 'droid itself :-(

This is only the 2nd brew for this 'droid (the first having succumbed to a faulty sensor after quite a few brews with quite a few taps).  Needless to say my modified westcoast pale ale is currently on hold...

If you fully install the tap, you can't see the crack and the water tracks down below and appears to be leaking back past the bung.



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