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Aaron Taylor

Anyone from Perth Here?

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Hello all,

I'm new on here and still waiting for my droid to be delivered but I thought I'd put the feelers out and see if anyone else on here is in Perth and willing to meet up occasionally to exchange ideas, advice and of course brews.

I have brewed a few beers before with mates extract and full grain.

If your interested shout out.

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On ‎3‎/‎12‎/‎2017 at 3:12 PM, Kevin Weary said:

Hi Aaron I am from Perth (Byford), only been doing the for a few months, not completely happy with the final product, the following is what I have been up to 

I have completed the following brewprints Australian Larger and Aztec Cerveza and a Bombshell Blonde , both taste good but no carbonation when dispensing from the BrewFlow, when sitting the beer looks flat and at the price I am in the process of trying following


I put down a Deliverance Ultra , using %50 of the wort, storing the other,  500g Dextrose, Steel Pac using 50%  and 15 g Morgans yeast, I have bottled with 2 carbonation drops and the carbonation is good so is the taste (have added small movie of final product Deliverance Ultra.MOV

Currently I have Beer Makers Bitter using  using %50 of the wort, storing the other,  500g Dextrose, and 15 g Morgans yeast,, when this is ready for bottling I will uses 80 g of sugar to carbonate etc as I want to use my kegs with the BrewFlow


The above custom brews have been set to the following, Propagation 22 deg  C, Fermentation 12 deg C, Bottling 18 deg C




Have kegged a 5 litre of Australian Larger brewprint and carbonated the keg with 40 grams of sugar (still waiting to see how it comes out of the brew flow, if this comes out good may be on a winner as I don't like flat beer

Will keep you posted on final outcomes, Once you start with your BeerDroid happy to meet and exchange ideas etc



Deliverance Ultra.MOV


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