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First Time Experiences

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Hi Everyone,

Just brewed my first beer with the Beerdroid and then kegged it and I wish to share my experiences with everyone. The System is great but I am not perfect and this is what I want to share, I purchased my system from Harvey Norman as I just could not wait, that was my first mistake as they had old stock and you guessed it that's what I got so buy your beerdroid direct.

Next I started a brew all was good and very easy I wanted to give Brewart some positive feedback which I did, Liam answered my message and also noted that my yest was slow reacting and gave me advice which helped complete my brew.

Next came the kegging and for first timers it can be a little scary as you know its make or brake time so give yourself plenty of time follow the videos but because I had old stock I had the old bagging system and I really stuffed up, the first keg/bag did not deploy properly (old stock) and was off centre it took almost 5 L of beer and was full it was actually flowing back out of the filler.

The next keg I had cross threaded the bag to the keg collar and during filling came apart, in my blind panic disconnecting the tap sprayed beer all over the kitchen blinds. Lucky I have a wife who thought this was way to funny.

So I contacted Liam at Brewart again who gave me all sorts of advice and help me upgrade my system, the customer service I have found is second to none with help advice, now I look forward to brewing my next brew and using my new skills. Thank you Liam and Brewart.

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Yes there is a bit of a learning curve. The keg caddy helps. Also the most important step is getting the collar screwed onto the bag exactly right (see photo). First line up the beginning of the threads of both the collar and the bag then press and turn anticlockwise a mm or two before turning clockwise (thanks for the tip Liam). If it’s not exactly even start again. Then it needs to be really tight. I even use multigrips just at the end to get it tight. If there is the slightest gap beer can leak out into the keg. Even if this doesn’t occur I think it may be the reason for excess foaming when in the Brewflo, as compressed air might get into the liner (I don’t have the foaming problem any more since I have been ensuring the connection is perfect, even when using the old keg liners).  Be careful not to tear the liner during all of this. Finally make sure the valve poppets are put together the right way and make sure the valves are really tight too. Cheers!


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Thank you for the replies and advice I am sure it will help as I am in the middle of brewing my wife's favorite beer, a German Wheat Beer and if I stuff this up she will divorce my (just kidding).

During the week I ordered now bags and another 2 kegs and now have the new beer spikes which have all arrived again thanks Liam, so I have no excuses this brew is going to turn out great.

Also my last surviving keg has 5 L of American Pale Ale which should be ready by the 24th July I cant wait to try it with my friends.



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Tonight I had success I finished brewing my wheat beer so it was keg time and using the tips I got from Liam at Brewart and this the people on this forum I nailed it.

So happy no beer was wasted I tasted it and it was great, putting the collars on the bags was so easy this time around what a difference and next Saturday I have friends coming over to sample my new beer system.

Thank you everyone for your help and cheers.

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Have just purchased the Beerdroid, arrived Thursday and made wifi ready. Had purchased a BrewPrints Coopers Session Ale for my first brew as wanted to compare with purchased stubbies and previous kit clone. After cleaning and sanitising put the ingredients in Friday’ afternoon and have run with the Ale program to start with.

Adelaide is in the middle of a heatwave at the moment with ambient temp in the room is96306CFD-37DD-4414-967B-43FAA8BE1023.thumb.png.4a73707e2f68003fdea67f3a8eafb218.png601CDA06-378B-4202-AD84-C9752EE422A2.thumb.png.06eb8c1a098a97ac424cc0969654a3c2.png9F58F687-39EF-4BF3-AD90-D4E3E98CCC18.thumb.jpeg.5bc0eae1e71c290dcccd6ba73c44e3f1.jpegD5B4F78E-7251-40FC-98C0-B21C7ADAC44F.thumb.jpeg.5706cd200d62bee31e5503403e2127fe.jpegE11D74D4-9E4B-455A-B0C0-D2C2AAA90957.thumb.png.9575c8fb906f4556666a15e84666b733.png over 30 degrees including 31 over night. Unit has maintained yeast propagation temp and now fermentation admirable,  without overload (must be well insulated), very impressive so far.

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Brewprint Session Ale kegged 8/03/2019 into ss ball lock keg. Fridge 16/03, force carbonated 17/03, fridge and co2 connected at serving pressure. 18/03 test - brilliant just like Coopers Session Ale out of the bottle. Very impressed. In the photo brewprint on the left, on the right is a pint of cloned Coopers Session Ale brewed at 23 litres the traditional way. It is a very nice brew, enjoyable but the BrewPrint wins. Wife picked it from a blind taste test.

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