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One Fifty Lashes or Fat Yak

Colin Norris

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I just had a quick look at the Beer Assist on the BrewArt site which came up with the American Pale Ale for Fat Yak but nothing came up for One Fifty Lashes.

I guess you could try some of the pale ale BrewPrints to see if they taste similar to the commercial version.

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The key would be to work out what Hop ingredients align with the commercial version.

150 Lashes has the following hops. I would take a stab in the dark and suggest that Willamette is used for the predominant bittering in the 150.


Here are what look to be the corresponding BrewArt Ingredients

Amarillo - Ingredient H1

Willamette - ??

Nelson Sauvin - ??

Galaxy - Ingredient H6


Now you have the issue of working out a suitable base to start from. I would suggest a fairly neutral Pale Ale would be Coopers Pale Ale. Then start experimenting with hop additions as per the commercial version, although i would suggest actually purchasing hops from a Brew Store as i'm not sure whether the H1 and H6 are actually based on Amarillo and Galaxy.

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It's quite light in colour and just 4.2% ABV. I'd imagine that 4 x Elements/Enhancers will be ample.

As for the hop character, there's not much going on, both bitterness and aroma/flavour.  I should add that I only have the SA brewed 150 to go by...

Maybe H6??

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