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Imperial Big Bear Brown Ale

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As I mentioned in another conversation recently, decided to keep rolling on with the stouts and heavier beers with the intention of having them nicely matured by winter (easier said than done; will probably be all drunk by April!).  Didn't see a post about this one and haven't seen it mentioned so thought I'd get it started in here.

Is it an IPA, is it a Brown Ale? Or is it fair to say it’s the best of both? This is a style for the non-conformists, the pioneers, the frontier folk. It’s a big, dark beer up front, with toasty malt aromas, traces of coffee, and bursts of hop freshness. And with hints of toffee sweetness balancing the muscular hops, one sip of Big Bear will tell you, she may be bitter but she’s never grizzly.

Sounds good to me!  Seems to be bubbling away nicely with plenty of temperature movement and fermentation detected at first testing last night. 



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7.5% is nice but bitterness way to high for my taste buds.   I do like dark beers, perhaps a bit on the sweeter side. 

A local craft brewery called Prison Brews has a beer called Prison Town Brown.  It is by far my favorite brown.  Their description is "A medium-bodied mahogany beer with a creamy tan head and rich flavor. Malty, mild and not so bitter, this beer is rich in flavor. The English call it a "session beer" because it is low in alcohol content. ABV= 4.8%"

I would love to be able to duplicate that beer in the BeerDroid, but I'm not sure how I would go about doing that.

My first drop was the Cooper Brown Ale.  Though the hops was not very strong all, there was definitely a hoppy aftertaste.  It was a good beer and I guess it turned out well, but not something I will probably buy again.

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