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Hoegaarden Wheat Clone

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Sorry Guys,
I somehow moved the whole Hoegaarden Clone post to BrewArt Banter. So I thought I'd repost the recipe here to make it easy for people to find:

We can definitely design a beer which will get you close, but there will be a couple of additional steps required to add the coriander seed, and orange peel. The ingredients list is:

E5, X2, X2, X2, X2, Y5. - 2gm crushed Coriander Seeds, 3.5gm Dried Curacao orange peel.
Brewing Program: Ale

Method: Bring 1L of water to the boil in a pot, turn off heat, add the Coriander Seeds and Dried Curacao orange peel. Put lid on and steep for 30 minutes. Add 9L of water to the BeerDroid, strain in the Orange Peel and Coriander seed water, Start the brewing program before adding other ingredients until the water has been brought down to 22c. Then add your Yeast, Elements, and Enhancers. 

This should get you in the ball park of 5.5% ABV, 12IBU, 11EBC

Please let us know how it turns out.


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Damn! Forgot to take a photo! It was cloudy and was pale golden in color; really no different from many other beers I have made at the same stage. Taste wise I did not get a whole lot of coriander and orange in flavour but it was certainly in the ball park for what I expected. For the record I used about 9gms of bitter orange peel and a smidge under the 2 grams in coriander. So three times the recipe for the peel. I got the peel from my local brew store and he said to use the whole lot for 20 litres...so used a little less than half. Will update in a couple of weeks.

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Ok the first two weeks are up and I have had a glass. I had the clone first and got a very nice citrus flavour and only a very mild coriander flavour. My first thought was that this recipe could do with splash of hops! It tasted very nice without it and I am not sure I would change anything from how I brewed it. That being said I made sure to have a stubbie of Hoeggarden on hand to try straight after as a comparison. The first photo is of the clone - you will note it is much darker than the original. Hoeggarden has a lot more of a coriander hit and I think this makes up for the hops. I would not aggressively hop up the original it would taste horrible. So.....if you want to get closer to Hoeggarden I would go a couple more grams of coriander and leave the orange peel at about 9-10 grams (I have attached what I used for orange peel for reference). I am going to do another one with some dry hops......I am thinking Galaxy or Citra to begin with but keen to hear other opinions. Next up will be the Yeastie Boys Gunnamatta Earl Grey as I reckon that is a curry beer if I ever had one.




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