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Hi Guys, 

I’ve just started my first brew few days ago and I got the notification that it is has concluded the fermentation yesterday and it went directly to storage mode. However, I am unable to move the brew to kegging mode from the App nor the Droid. I went through the manuals and videos as well as the FAQs I couldn’t find anything I am doing wrong can anyone tell me what can I do next ? I know nothing is going to happen if the beer stays in storage mode for quite sometime but I am eager to start the secondary fermentation.


Thank you.


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Hi @BrewArtistic Master and welcome.

I can see from the App screenshot you are running the dry-hop program for the American Pale Ale.

So I expect that the following has happened:

The BeerDroid would have asked you to add dry hops two days ago, if you don't do this then it goes to storage mode, which from what you have said sounds like what has happened. 

Is your BeerDroid flashing something Dry Hop related on the front panel?

If yes, add the dry hops (if you have them) and then press the tick button on the front panel. Your brewing program will resume to do 2 days of dry hop infusion, 2 days of cold crashing and then finally to progress to Keg.

The App screenshot shows Move to Kegging which is not quite right, this suggests that you may not have the latest BrewArt App on your device and you may not be running the updated BeerDroid  firmware P017.

On your App press the "hamburger" menu top left, at the bottom of the page that appears it should be Version 1.2.2 (126) if not update your App now.

Next go My BeerDroid under the same menu and select your unit. Is it running P017, if not you will need to update after your brew is finished.

If you post back with the firmware version and BeerDroid version I may be able to provide some more advice.

The version of BeerDroid can be determined by the serial number: 

V1 BeerDroids are XX-01-01-xxxx-xxxx

V2 BeerDroids are XX-01-02-xxxx-xxxx


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Hi @xpsTech

Thank you so much! I don’t think I could have ever thought I’d get a such a comprehensive answer immediately! Much much appreciated. And just to let you know,

Yes I did add the dry hops two days ago and then clicked on the tick on the droid.

No nothing is flashing on the front panel. And it is continuing the brew, Brewing in progress.

And yes you are absolutely correct I didn’t know about the firmware update I was so excited when I get the droid I immediately started brewing but it is on P014. 

My app version on my phone is latest update as per Apple’s App Store. Which is indeed 1.2.2 (126).

and My beerDroid serial is xx-01-02-xxxx-xxxx


Thank you again and I will try to give this thread an update tomorrow once everything is ok.

Cheers bro, 


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Hey @BrewArtistic Master that all makes sense now.

Your BeerDroid is actually cold crashing, The P014 firmware did this as "Storage" mode.

In 2 days the Droid should move to KEG. If it doesn't give BrewArt Tech a call, they will be able to check the logs and tell you exactly what has & will happen.

The old firmware version has confused the App, that's why the Move To Kegging button is displayed but it doesn't do anything.

Set yourself a reminder to update the firmware when finished 😀


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Hey @xpsTech

Just wanted to update you and the thread hoping it will help people as well.

Your prediction was correct in everything. I was able to keg normally. Unfortunately, the second keg had some leak not sure from where but most likely I didn't put the keg liner correctly. 

I did update the machine and started a new brew too! 

Thanks for all your help.

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