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Brew Journal Suggestion

Alan Batchelor

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Hello @BrewArt Team

I have a suggestion for the Brew Journal area in the app. It is great to know my history of what was brewed and on what date . But any chance you can add pertinent data like date ended, start of fermentation, end of fermentation, temperatures, temperature ramps, storage time etc. I see there is an info link but that just goes to the store. I think it  would be really helpful to check back on previous brews to get an idea of when various actions happened and when I can expect my brew to end. 

Just a thought.





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On 7/12/2020 at 2:23 PM, BrewArt Team said:

Thanks @Alan Batchelor,

Yep, I love the idea. Anything to have a bit of history for reference is always a good thing. 

I'll have it added to the wish list, for future development meetings. 


I just logged in to ask the same question. BrewArt team, where is this suggestion sitting in your development backlog or has it been scrapped. Has been a few tears now.

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G 'Day @Lucky Oceanblue,

Thanks for the suggestion. We haven't done a lot of R&D work on the App while we've been working on other projects in the background. The idea definitely hasn't been scrapped, when we look at making App updates in the future this will be on the list of improvements we'll suggest. Unfortunately I'm not sure when that will be at this point. 


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Hey @BrewArt Team guys. If your updating the app is there any chance that you can get a previous custom brew to remove the ferment temp please. I went to chuck on the last custom brew today (which was a cracker hazy) and the ferment temp was 4 deg and couldn’t remember what the temp was that I last brewed. Unless this is something only for me ? 

Forgot to take a screen shot. Next brew in a week or so I’ll try and remember. 

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