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The fish and chipper

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So my fish and chip shop, which does great food and a massive amount of chips for 4 bucks does ( something I never noticed on the menu before in 10 years) a Schnitzel burger. I am a massive fan of a snitz and gravy roll, which i assumed this was but no...this is a fat piece of chicken schnitzel cut in half and put on a burger roll with an inch of bacon, cheese, tomato and lettuce.

I ordered it last time and again tonight, it is about 7-8 cms or 3 inches of meat, plus extras on a roll. To think, this is the basic, for 3 bucks more, there is a with the lot...FFS. I have no idea what the "lot" has on it but it is something I'd have tackled at 18, not now.

Pretty sure I'll be a labrador on a walk tomorrow if you have had a labrador, you'll get my drift.

It went down well with beer ;)


Anyways, what's your favourite fast food story? 

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During our time living in inner city Melbourne we would eat at the Embassy Taxi Cafe in West Melbourne most weekends. They made incredible 24 hour Taxi Driver food. The kind of place where you could get a mixed grill at 3 in the morning.

One of my mates fell asleep in his post night out burger so many times that they used to greet him as “Sleeping Beauty” each time we walked in the door.

I miss that place.

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12 hours ago, Captain 3 Droids said:

For just pure simplicity, I’ve never forgotten just how great the Adelaide pie floater was (from the pie cart) particularly at 1am after a night out. I mean even a tub of the mash pies was a delight to walk away with.


Love a good pie floater.

The wife hadn’t tried one until a year ago. Now she’s a convert.

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