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Old Saxon Schwarzbier

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At 3.5 weeks cracked the dreg stubby. Don't know alot about German beers. For me it is a cross between a Lager and a Ruby Porter. A summer time porter. The easy  drinking of a Lager with the malt and coffee taste of a Porter. Be interested in @Captain 3 Droids thoughts on this. I think it needs a few more weeks to really develop. 


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On 21/11/21 at 8:05 AM, Captain 3 Droids said:

Kegged today in maturing keg after 8 day EOF and left for extra day. As Robert above states, nice colour, looked great now can’t wait. Look forward to @Robert Prettycomments.

Well it’s about 6 weeks. It’s a enjoyable drop, easy drinking but compared to all the other BrewArt I won’t be brewing again any time soon.


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