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Keg Spear Length

Robert Pretty

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3 hours ago, Robert Pretty said:

Was just kegging two new kegs to morning and noticed a difference in the spear lengths. So I got some of my other spears out. Obviously the long one is for the old style keg.


Hey @Robert PrettyI'm really glad that you took this photo.

I discovered this problem a little while ago and have had both a phone discussion and email exchange with Liam regarding this, including sending him a very similar photo.

Can you please send him this?

I've had a lot of trouble with my Brewart kegs of late and am convinced this is at least part of the cause. He isn't quite so sure  but he is a little concerned.



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If the length variations is the issue and not the attachment to the keg I wonder if the Ikegger keg style of a flexible tube would solve the problem. In other words find suitable tubing with an inside diameter that would slide over the BrewFlo keg spear which has been cut down to say 20ml in length. Then you could use them all and maintain consistency.

Just a thought.

@Robert Pretty, @Dustin Frothman

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