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customising brewprint

Ernest  Lewin

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38 minutes ago, Ernest Lewin said:

about to start my first brewprint Old Saxon Schwarzbier and was inquiring if i can substitute the H3 for a dry hop.

how do i change the settings to inform me when to put dry hop in.

Hi Ernest and welcome to the forum.

Yes you can do this.

The Brewart store shows the following for that recipe:


A Lager program has the following parameters:

Propagate: 22 C / 77 F

Ferment: 12 C / 54 F

Keg: 18C / 65 F

Store: 4 C / 40 F

Start your brew from the app and choose the "Custom" program.

Set the stages of the brew as per the parameters above.

Toggle the "Dry Hop" switch to the 'ON' position.

Tap 'Start Brew'

Once the Brew is running and showing on the 'Brew Status" menu on your app you can rename it from "Custom Brew" to "Old Saxon Schwarzbier" by tapping the edit icon next to the brew name.

The BeerDroid and app will notify you once it's time to add the dry hops and you can follow all the normal steps from there.

I hope this helps.


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Hi Ernest

Welcome to the forum. You certainly can substitute the liquid H3 Hallertau , for the dry hop version. You can use a custom setting to set up when to dry hop. What I do, is when it tells you it has finished fermenting , and is raising the temp for Kegging. Throw the hops in then, (liquid or Dry) it will stay at kegging temp for 2 days. Then it will automatically go it to storage, 4°c this is the same temp as cold crush in the Dry hop mode. Leave it there for 2 days. Then on your phone app. Press the move to kegging button. When it reaches temp, it will tell you. Keg and bottle away. Remember if dry hopping to use the hop filter. 

@Captain 3 Droids and I have this one in secondary at the moment. Just using the liquid hops, Lagers work well with the liquid hops 





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